New stock of Pottinger machinery!

   22 Nov 2017

Brand new selection of Pottinger Machinery  -  Disc Mowers, tedders, rakes, silage wagons, disc harrows, drilling machinery and power harrows. 

Our full range of Pottinger machinery include:

Grass Machinery

Disc Mowers (Novacat 302 ED, Novadisc 305, Novacat 352 CF, Novacat 307 T ED), Tedders (Hit 6.61 tedder, Hit 6.69 tedder), Rakes (Top 702 C Rake), Silage Wagons (Torro 6510 D Combiline, Jumbo 6010 L Combiline)

Tillage Machinery

Disc Harrows (Terradisc 3001), Drilling Technology (Vitasem 302 ADD), Power Harrows (Lion 3002 for the Vitasem)


Pottinger Novadisc 305. This machine has quick fit knives/blades - no workshop tools required. It has the highest quality in-house Austrian built cutterbar.

We have a Top 702 C machine. This is the perfect rake for Irish farming. It has a Hydraulic working width to create the perfect swath for the perfect bale (2 10 foot swaths moved equally onto clean ground). This machine has a Multitast wheel in front of the rotor for perfect ground following. It has huge forward speed potential even in unconditioned swaths. 

We have farm machinery to suit every job! 

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