Top 5 Farm Safety Tips To Minimise Accidents

   26 Jul 2017

National Farm Safety Week takes place this week to raise awareness of farm safety issues across Ireland.

Unfortunately, farming has a poor safety record in Ireland, last year 21 people lost their lives in farm accidents and 14 people have lost their lives so far in 2017.  This year farmers are encouraged to take some time during the week to assess the safety of routine tasks.

Here are our top tips in support of Farm Safety Week:

1. Be aware of your surroundings. Look out for overhead power lines, uneven surfaces and soft ground.

2. Never carry out work at height unless you are competent to do the work and have the right equipment for the job.

3. Always make sure that someone knows where you are and what you're doing if working alone.

4. Ensure equipment is switched off when making routine checks or maintenance and always take your time to think about what you are doing and what might go wrong 

5. Have a well-stocked first aid kit that is in an accessible area.

Further details and resources available on National Farm Safety Week on IFA here